Which browsers are supported?

Chrome and Firefox are fully supported.

How much recording time is it possible to do?

In the current version, you can record up to 10 minutes maximum.

Can I save my sessions?

Depending on your package, you have a dedicated number of backups. By default we keep in your profile the results (records and metrics) of your 2 most recent sessions.

Can I do sessions outside of contexts?

Yes. In addition to the preconfigured contexts, you have the ''Your Context'' option that allows you to configure your exercise as you wish.

What are the technical prerequisites for using the service?

You need a good internet connection and access to your microphone and camera. You will notice a camera icon or a red button in your browser during your recording. Also, adjust the volume of your computer to hear the questions asked by the platform.

What languages are available?

Currently French and English are the languages available for exercises. Depending on your mother tongue and your pronunciation, the results of the transcription data may vary.

Where are my data hosted?

Our hosting servers are here in Quebec, in the cloud environment of our partner Project Cirrus. We invite you to visit their website for more information on their secured infrastructure - https://projetcirrus.ca/en