How are your communications broken down?

7 Percent

The words you use.

The choice of words is important and must be precise and effective.

7 Percent

The tone of voice, the volume, the pronunciation.

Take the time to articulate well, speak at the right pace and with a tone adapted to your intervention.

7 Percent

Body language (gesture, attitude, look).

A good posture can make all the difference to the quality and the retention of information from your audience.

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The important thing is not so much about what you say,
but on how you say it
William Carlos Williams

Our studies show that...

7 Percent

Interviewees do not practice their Intervention.

A lot of time is invested on the written content but almost NOTHING on the verbal content.

7 Percent

Do it alone by filming themselves with their phone or in front of a mirror, without feedback.

There is therefore no external constructive criticism to improve the message.

7 Percent

Are stressed and uncertain about the impact of their message.

Not able to know if the message is too technical or not enough, too general or too precise.

7 Percent

Say they have trouble handling Q & A sessions.

Huge area of discomfort unless you practice similar questions in advance.

Comfort Zone
Pitchonair is a bilingual web application allowing you to practice any verbal communication exercises, in a real context, setup and analyzed directly in our platform by precisely pointing out the areas of improvement and providing the necessary recommendations to each user.

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Analysis and

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Text comparison
Custom recommendations

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